We LOVE Play Dough! Why?

I must say, play dough has been our saver especially during this pandemic time. With the kids being at home most of the time, correction....I mean ALL the time! Play dough helps me so much. 

Play dough has been occupying my kids. They could play for at least 30mins. Even for my 7y.o. boy. When they are bored, they would ask could they play with play dough.

There are so many ways to play with play dough. Is endless...

In our latest prosperity play dough kit, here is 1 great activity your child could enjoy making the cherry blossom tree. Just make the tree brunches by rolling the play dough and then press the flower 🌸 on it.

flower 1.PNGflower 2.PNGflower 3.PNG

U could make it more challenging or fun way by giving your little one math's equation. In this way, they are learning numbers or math's without even realizing.

flower 4.PNG

Here's the full video to watch! 😄

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