Mooncake with Playdough 🥮

Mooncake with Playdough 🥮

Mooncake Festival 🥮


月饼 / 月餅 (Yuè bǐng / Mooncakes) are Chinese desserts enjoyed by families and friends for 中秋节 / 中秋節 (Zhōng qiū jié / Mid Autumn Festival, Moon Festival). 

🥮The Traditional mooncakes are baked pastries filled with red bean, lotus seed paste, or salted duck egg yolk surrounded by a brown crust.

I’m not great in baking, further more I don't know how to bake a mooncake!

Nevertheless, this Play dough mooncakes are also a great way to practice shaping the dough for real mooncakes.

Little ones will have tons of practice with practical life skills (kneading, mixing, cutting, etc)

A video here on how we played with the mooncake playdough kit

We then went a little further by learning about the phases of the moon. 🌙 🌚What’s the best way to learn the phases of the moon?

240712931_4527724297288244_466293454154194187_n.jpg 241549483_4529516403775700_166047990233060459_n.jpg

There is no best way, but when learning becomes fun, little ones retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable.

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