Zoom Zoom Zoom we going up to the space

Zoom Zoom Zoom we going up to the space

My boy asked me once, what's inside earth. What earth is made of? I told him earth is round and he thought I was lying. he went..."you must be kidding me" lolz!

So to explained and make it more interesting for him to learn about the earth, I then hand crafted the earth play dough by layering it with red, orange, yellow, blue and the green land. And that's how the idea of the improved version of space kit came about. 

Space Playdough Kit 6.jpg
Space Playdough Kit 8.jpg
Space Playdough Kit 9.jpg

We then cut the "earth" play dough into half, he was so amazed how earth looks on the inside. Was so much more easier to explain to him as well. My girl on the other hand can't wait to squash and flatten the "earth" play dough and see what happen next. 😆

I added the planets in this kit, teaching them the solar system. Each planet has it's own orbit going round the sun. Explaining to them which planet is the closes to sun. My boy then replied he doesn't wanna live in Mercury because it is the closest to sun and is gonna be so hot 🥵!

It was really fun learning and playing with them together. 

To be honest, I have no idea the sequences of the solar system till I actually work on this kit! And this is also the reason why I love most in what I'm doing, I am able to share and inspired and empower other mamas and kids out there with these activity kits! 😄


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