Cherry Blossom Tree with Play Dough

Cherry Blossom Tree with Play Dough
cherry 2.PNG

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, here is a beautiful activity you could try with your little one. Even my eldest, the 7 y.o. boy had fun doing this together with me. 😀 

I drew and painted up a tree with brunches on an art block. We then rolled the play dough like "Tong Yuen". I used red, pink, yellow and orange play dough so our cherry blossom tree has different shades of flower.

cherry 3.PNG
cherry 4.PNG

We then pressed each rolled play dough on the tree brunches.

Using the cutout wooded flower, we stamp on the play dough 1 by 1 so the play dough have an impression of the flower.

Took us around 30-45mins to complete.😄

cherry 5.PNG

Here’s the full video 😀

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